BTG Pactual hires Charles Rosier for European business

BTG Pactual hires Charles Rosier for European business

Charles Rosier’s Life

Charles Rosier (Efinancialnews) joined BTG Pactual Bank and worked there until 2010 as a partner. It was in the year 1991 that Charles Rosier achieved his scientific degree at Fenelon Sainte-Marie. Apart from being studious, he is also interested in other matters like culture, managing environmentally-friendly activities and extreme sports.

In 1991, Charles Rosier completed his secondary schooling at Paris’s Fenelon Sainte-Marie. His first Baccalaureate degree was equal to A-levels in the UK. Charles Rosier went to Lehman Brothers in 1996 and joined UBS Warburg Investment Bank.

Culture and Music Projects

Charles Rosier has always had a love for music and singing. He is also passionate about movies. That is why he supports French culture. He has a big love for music and culture. His support of artists and movies exemplifies this. In 2006, Charles Rosier supported a film produced by a well-known Italian screenwriter and director, which went on to win a Silver Lion award at the Venice film festival.

To provide energy solutions to poor countries, MPOWERD established economical LED lanterns. Charles Rosier has done a lot for the environment and helped with the growth of energy and power markets in poor countries. Promoting the proper usage of resources paired with awareness projects on pollution-free environment is essential to Innoveox because they envision creating a safe environment for all by lowering carbon dioxide emissions. Innoveox is a French organisation dedicated to promoting a pollution-free environment, supported by Charles Rosier.

Health Related Projects

The project was a test to discover a cure for strokes that can harm the spinal cord. Charles Rosier was its major investor. The investment by him allowed them to do research and, because of that, he was given a specific profit-share. Charles Rosier started out a healthcare project as an investor at Mapreg, a pharmaceutical firm headed by Professor Etienne Baulieu.